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Developer Tools: Managing Colors for Better UX

Does Color Matter? Colors + developers + UX. Does it really matter? Whether your app’s interface is blue, green, purple… ...
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Exoskeleton Glove Allows You To “Feel” Shapes In Virtual Reality

One of the rising type of electronics of our times are Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets. Virtual reality headsets like the ...
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Norway Committed to Building Floating Underwater Tunnels

Norway is a troublesome place for motorists because usually when you want to go from point A to point B, ...
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Facebook: Aquila’s First Flight is Successful

Facebook is currently working on a project that could potentially bring internet access and opportunities to billions of people around ...
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Building Space Tech in Space

Currently, engineers worry about the packaging when sending parts to space but what if their ideas did not have to ...
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Election 2016 Apps

As elections modernize over time, we see candidates embracing technology to reach voters, further their agendas, and broaden their fundraising ...
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Solar Impulse Finishing its Round-The-World Solar Flight

Solar Impulse has demonstrated to the world that clean technologies can achieve impossible goals. On March 28 of 2015, the ...
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Mercedes Self-Driving Bus Gives Your Commute an Upgrade

Mercedes-Benz unveiled their new self-driving bus dubbed the "Future Bus". The concept bus has a slick and futuristic look to ...
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Glass Now Has Smart Potential

Australian researchers at University of Adelaide have developed a method for embedding light-emitting nano-particles into glass without losing any of ...
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Feature Branching Using Feature Flags

Feature branching allows developers to effectively collaborate around a central code base by keeping all changes to a specific feature ...
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Electrical Design: TI WEBENCH®

Texas Instrument's (TI's) WEBENCH Designer is a powerful online tool that allows for students, hobbyists, and professionals to design end-to-end ...
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Passenger Drone Gets Permission for US Flight Tests

As if autonomous cars were not surprising enough, Nevada's Institute for Autonomous Systems has given China's Ehang permission to fly ...
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