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Solar Impulse Finishing its Round-The-World Solar Flight

Solar Impulse has demonstrated to the world that clean technologies can achieve impossible goals. On March 28 of 2015, the ...
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Mercedes Self-Driving Bus Gives Your Commute an Upgrade

Mercedes-Benz unveiled their new self-driving bus dubbed the "Future Bus". The concept bus has a slick and futuristic look to ...
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Glass Now Has Smart Potential

Australian researchers at University of Adelaide have developed a method for embedding light-emitting nano-particles into glass without losing any of ...
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Feature Branching Using Feature Flags

Feature branching allows developers to effectively collaborate around a central code base by keeping all changes to a specific feature ...
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Electrical Design: TI WEBENCH®

Texas Instrument's (TI's) WEBENCH Designer is a powerful online tool that allows for students, hobbyists, and professionals to design end-to-end ...
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Passenger Drone Gets Permission for US Flight Tests

As if autonomous cars were not surprising enough, Nevada's Institute for Autonomous Systems has given China's Ehang permission to fly ...
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Faraday Future to Test Self-Driving EVs on California Roads

Faraday Future has been working on an Electric Vehicle (EV) for over a year now which people are referring to ...
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Exploring the Third Option

When the time comes for a decision to be made, it is often is the case that one is presented ...
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3D Printing Human Organs In Space? Microgravity Test Successful

The idea of 3D printing is a relatively new subject which has been steadily progressing throughout the years. Even though ...
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Moscow metro_line_small

Moscow Metro: time travel is real!

The majority of Russians proudly say that the Moscow metro is the most beautiful underground system in the world. I ...
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More Drone Applications: NASA testing helicopter drone to accompany next Mars rover

The number of applications for drones seems to be increasing at a rapid rate. From creating awesome real life footage ...
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A/B Testing: Lipstick On a Pig? Crosspost Are you putting lipstick on a pig? So, your company wants to increase revenue. They want more conversions, ...
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